Why I feel Camping World Lied to me.

Back in February (7th) 2018 I brought my 2016 Jayco JayFlight 28RLS travel trailer into Camping World Woodstock, GA.

I brought it in to see if a scratch in the linoleum floor could be patched. The scratch was caused by a screw in the slide that was not fully seated. I tightened the screw and solved that problem but there was still the scratch in the linoleum. 

I talked to the guy at Camping World and he said they had a guy that could patch it. The trailer is a Jayco and it was less than 2 years old so it was under warranty. I was informed via email on the 16th that the warranty work was approved and that linoleum had been ordered.

I guess at this point I should have asked questions but I assumed rather than steal a piece from under the bed (as I had discussed with the service guy) they were just ordering a chunk from one repeat line to another to get the section needed to do the patch (we’re talking a 2 inch by 1/8 inch scratch).

After the linoleum arrived I was informed via email (March 9th now, may trailer has been there a month) it would be about a 25-hour job. That’s when I did finally start to question things. I asked just how much of the floor was being replaced?

That’s when I was informed that the entire floor would be replaced. My trailer would be gutted, the entire floor replaced, and my trailer put back together again, for a 2-inch scratch.

At that point I said HOLD ON! I thought we were just patching the floor.

Then he tells me that the flooring that is in my trailer now doesn’t exist anymore and that my floor would be replaced with something else. WHAT!

Didn’t someone think at some point I should be involved in this? You can’t just replace my floor with something else! We bought this trailer because we liked how it looked. We didn’t buy the next year because we HATED the flooring.


So now here we are. I never asked for a whole new floor. I never approved a whole new floor. I was never told that the entire floor would be replaced. I was never informed that the floor would be a different color/pattern.

And I apparently now owe them  $298 for the linoleum floor I never asked for, I never would have approved, and I would have burned my trailer to the ground if you had put it in.

I spoke to some “Assistant Service Manager” at the store and he was less than helpful and told me I was wrong and that I should have known the floor was being replaced by the fact that I was told they were ordering linoleum.

Then I spoke to Matt, he's some other dude there that also seemed stuck on the "We are Right, You Are Wrong" mentality.

Now they even tell me that I called them on February 16th and was informed that the entire floor would be tore up and replaces. Funny because all of our conversations were via email (I like it for records in case some shit like this happens). And if I was aware than why a month later do I go nuts when I find out that my floor is being replaced with something I've never seen?

So I show them all my phone records for that day that show I never made such a call.
And I asked Matt to provide records showing that I indeed did call.

Finally Matt says "We have been more than fair and provided you with all the proper documentation regarding the communication of your floor. I will waive the cost of the flooring as a gesture of goodwill in this case. ".

In other words. Of course they can't produce any such records because I never called. Or it's going to cost them more than $300 in man hours just to find out that indeed I never did call.

Regardless, it's done. I can pickup my trailer and I'll just find somebody new to maintain it for me.

Wow, so much for Good Sam!

Why I believe Camping World Stole from me and lied about it.

So they finally cave and realize that maybe they were wrong or maybe they just decided it wasn't worth $300 to argue with me.

So I go an pick up my trailer, get it home and WHAT THE HECK!

Note how my little blue sliders were nicely left behind.
Nice thieves huh! Almost like they intended to replace the shelves.

Two of my shelves are missing from my refrigerator. 
So I call my Service guy "Dave" (useless) and tell him.
He says something like 'let me get to the bottom of this'.

It's pretty obvious to anyone with a brain what happened.
Some tech or salesman needed to shelves for a unit. They didn't have any in stock so they took the ones from my trailer (very nicely keeping the screws and my sliders safe) and were going to replace them. For one reason or another that didn't happen. Maybe I picked up my trailer before he got the chance. 

But Nope, they "Asked" everyone and they couldn't find them so it's not their problem. They didn't take my shelves and they aren't responsible.

Wow, what a bunch of losers.



My Refrigerator Back to Normal

Thanks to Amazon Prime I was able to order some new shelves for the ones that went missing at Camping World and get them quick.

First shelf replaced

Now it's back to how our Refrigerator looked
BEFORE it went to Camping World for service.